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This stick has USB2.0 compliant, so works with Windows XP. It's quite possible to use XP directly, but it's better to update the firmware as recommended by the stick. You can follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware. Unlock the device by pressing the 4 pin reset button. Then, press the device power button to turn it on. Select the tab at the top that says Mass Storage. Then, select Open Mass Storage Device. Select the firmware file dgb.raw that is in the Software folder. Select \"Write\" and press the small button to the right of the screen. Wait until the screen on the stick goes off and the little message flashes, then press the device power button to turn off the stick. Turn the stick on again and try to open the Mygica-d268 device again.

Having trouble viewing tv signals Windows (and other Windows-compatible OS)'s Media Center sucks, but the very capable Boxee does a much better job. If you have a Boxee, I suggest you download the Boxee App for Windows from Media Center-compatible Apple TV. The Boxee App is good but it is limited to Boxee boxes. Tv playback and recording is limited to Mythtv and DvDrip in Windows. If you have a Linux based system and you're up to the challenge, follow these instructions: Install the xine-plugin and libdvdcss. Download dvdcss2 from and install it. Install libdvdread. Install dvdnav. Install dvdcss2. Install libdvdcss. More info on MythTV Wiki . 3d9ccd7d82

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