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Pengantar Etika Bisnis K Bertens Downloadl: A Review of a Book on Business Ethics

Pengantar Etika Bisnis K Bertens Downloadl: A Review of a Book on Business Ethics

Business ethics is a topic that has gained more attention and importance in the modern world. It is the reflection or thinking about morality in economics and business. Morality is always related to what humans do and economic activity is an important area of human behavior. Therefore, it is not surprising that ethics also highlights economics and business. Business itself and all parties involved in it will be harmed if this ethical aspect is ignored. Therefore, ethics should also be given a place when we educate and train young people who want to choose business as their profession.

One of the books that discusses business ethics in depth is Pengantar Etika Bisnis by K. Bertens, a philosopher and professor at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta. The book was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in 2000 and has 519 pages. It is part of the Atma Jaya Philosophy Series, which aims to introduce various philosophical topics to Indonesian readers.

Pengantar Etika Bisnis K Bertens Downloadl

The book covers various aspects of business ethics, such as the relationship between business and ethics in the modern world, a brief overview of ethical theories, economics and justice, liberalism and socialism as moral struggles, profit as the goal of the company, the obligations of employees and companies, ethical issues around consumers, advertising and ethics, corporate social responsibility, business environment and ethics, and ethics in international business. The book also explains how business ethics is now an intellectual and academic field that is not inferior to other fields.

The book is written in a clear and accessible language, with examples and cases from various contexts. It also provides references and bibliographies for further reading. The book is suitable for students, academics, practitioners, or anyone who is interested in learning more about business ethics.

The book can be downloaded from various online sources, such as Google Books[^1^], OPAC Perpustakaan Nasional RI[^2^], or[^3^]. However, it is recommended to buy the original book from the publisher or bookstore to support the author and respect the copyright.

Business ethics is not only a theoretical or academic matter, but also a practical and relevant one. It affects the decisions and actions of various stakeholders in the business world, such as managers, employees, consumers, investors, suppliers, competitors, regulators, and society. Business ethics also has implications for the environment, human rights, social justice, and global development.

Therefore, business ethics requires critical thinking and moral reasoning skills, as well as awareness and sensitivity to ethical issues and dilemmas. It also requires a commitment to act ethically and responsibly in accordance with the values and principles that guide one's conduct. Business ethics is not a fixed or universal set of rules, but rather a dynamic and contextual process of reflection and dialogue.

Pengantar Etika Bisnis by K. Bertens is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about business ethics and its applications. It provides a comprehensive and balanced overview of the main concepts, theories, and issues in business ethics. It also offers a critical and constructive perspective on the challenges and opportunities that business ethics faces in the contemporary world. 29c81ba772

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