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Fusus Al Hikam Terjemahan Pdf Download ((TOP))l


Fusus Al Hikam Terjemahan Pdf Download ((TOP))l

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Fusus Al Hikam: A Mystical Treatise by Ibn Arabi

Fusus Al Hikam is one of the most influential works of Islamic mysticism, written by the renowned Sufi master Ibn Arabi in the 13th century. The book consists of 27 chapters, each dedicated to a prophet or a saint who represents a divine wisdom or quality. Fusus Al Hikam explores the metaphysical and spiritual meanings of the Quranic verses and stories, and reveals the secrets of the divine names and attributes.

The book has been translated into many languages, including English, French, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, and Indonesian. However, finding a reliable and accurate translation of Fusus Al Hikam in PDF format can be challenging. Many online sources offer low-quality scans or incomplete versions of the book, which can distort the original message and cause confusion for the readers.

That is why we have created this website, where you can download a high-quality PDF version of Fusus Al Hikam in Indonesian language. This translation is based on the authoritative edition by Dr. Osman Yahya, who edited and annotated the original Arabic text. The translator, Dr. Aminuddin Ahmad, is a respected scholar and teacher of Sufism in Indonesia. He has faithfully rendered the meaning and style of Ibn Arabi's words into clear and elegant Indonesian.

To download Fusus Al Hikam Terjemahan Pdf, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions. You will need a PDF reader software to open and read the file. We hope that this book will enrich your spiritual journey and inspire you to discover the hidden treasures of your own soul.

Download Fusus Al Hikam Terjemahan PdfHere are a few more paragraphs for the article:

Fusus Al Hikam is not a book that can be read casually or superficially. It requires a deep and sincere engagement with the text and its author, who is considered to be one of the greatest spiritual masters of all time. Ibn Arabi was born in Murcia, Spain, in 1165, and traveled extensively throughout the Islamic world, meeting and learning from many saints and scholars. He wrote over 300 books on various topics, such as theology, cosmology, psychology, ethics, poetry, and mysticism. He died in Damascus, Syria, in 1240.

One of the main themes of Fusus Al Hikam is the unity of existence (wahdat al-wujud), which means that everything in the universe is a manifestation of the one and only reality, which is God. Ibn Arabi explains that God has infinite names and attributes, and each name and attribute corresponds to a level of existence or a mode of being. The prophets and saints are the perfect mirrors that reflect these names and attributes in their human forms. By studying their lives and teachings, we can learn how to polish our own mirrors and attain the knowledge of God.

Another theme of Fusus Al Hikam is the perfect human being (al-insan al-kamil), who is the one who has realized his or her true essence and potential. Ibn Arabi considers Muhammad to be the supreme example of the perfect human being, as he embodied all the divine qualities and wisdoms in his character and actions. He also says that every human being has the potential to become a perfect human being, by following the guidance of the Quran and the prophetic tradition. He calls this process "the journey from God to God", which involves purifying one's heart, mind, and soul from all impurities and illusions. 9160f4acd4

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